Monday, October 5, 2009


I don't get this crazyness.

My new sewing space!

It works, and I can sew and sew here.  It is a high traffic area, being on the way from the upstairs bedrooms to the kitchen, so the layout is not great, and when I'm done EVERYTHING gets put away. I've been itching to sew and figured out a new way to do a denim quilt, that pile of squares is a part of it.  Starting this has reminded me of the denim crazy quilt I have in progress... I started in November 2006, and I only know that cause I embroidered my start date on my first block.   I should pull that back out again, since i have more scraps from cutting out all these squares.

I'm also starting to get into upcycling, and I have some jeans aprons in the works as well.

Pics of where I disappeared to for a couple weeks coming tomorrow!

err, later today after I sleep?