Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giveaway update

Follow Me on PinterestSince no one has commented on the MyMemories giveaway, the first commenter on that post will win it. And apparently that is not a product worth having on my blog. Which is good to know for me. If you want a digital scrapbooking program, scroll down a bit and be the first to comment.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nap #1 progress

Follow Me on PinterestFinished This T-shirt, and cut out all but one of these geese. And its nap time again! Lets see what happens after the laundry is done. And hey, check out my giveaway... odds are really good right now.

A rainy day sew in

Follow Me on PinterestNot only did it rain last night but it is continuing to rain during the day here in SoCal. Finally winter, or as close  as its going to get around here.

So today during nap time I am going to sew. I'm planning to use made fabric to cut some flying geese today. Not sure how it will all end up, but I'll be sewing.

Did anyone go to Road to California this year? What was your favorite part?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sponsored Giveaway: My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software

Follow Me on PinterestA couple of weeks ago I was asked by the people at MyMemories to review their digital scrapbooking software and host a giveaway. I was given a copy of their program for me, and one to give away to one of you, and with a new baby to take pictures of, I thought, sure why not.

I will say all my previous scrapbooking experience was when I was sixteen and on my homeschool groups yearbook class. We had fun but our yearbook was pretty lame, and spiral bound on computer paper with a laminated page for the cover. Woo. Or not. I'm pretty sure I lost that yearbook cause I have no idea where it could be today.

Anyways, about the digital scrapbooking. I will say that almost everything I have done with it has been while nursing my baby girl, so usually one handed on a laptop touchpad mouse not a normal mouse. It would have been easier for me if I had a regular mouse, but that is not their fault.

I like the layout of their program. It was easy to use and there is a shortcut bar across the top of the screen to manipulate pages and photos with. This was my first experience with something like this, and I liked making my own pages more than using the layouts and page decorations that came with. For example, I don't like baby stuff in general, so I am making my own baby pages that are not incredibly pink and frilly. Like this one:

I also like the video tutorials they have on their blog. These were very helpful in figuring out what to do, and my favorite was being able to group pictures or page elements so they would line up perfectly, and move as a group. It cut down on new user frustration by knowing how to do that, if I had to make certain things line up perfect without the help, I would have not been doing any layouts that need to line up or be spaced evenly.

I'm very excited about the fact that I made a button for this blog, and I did it using MyMemories. When you start a new book you can choose page size and shape, square or rectangle, 12x12, down to 6x6, and also 8.5x11 so you could print your pages without a specialty printer, although with the ink costs, for a whole book you are probably better off ordering it. Anyways, the button was fun to do. Pick a background, the picture, some text, shadow the text, put the box behind it... try out some embellishments and toss them cause it was to much.
This button was my favorite thing so far. I love the colors, and I love that it goes with my blog colors right now.

To conclude this review and hit the giveaway: I think digital scrapbooking is fun. I also liked using it for something else entirely with the blog button. This is not a product I was looking for, but I will use it, and its been fun so far. The price seems like a good deal, I think for $39.97 I might have bought it anyways, had I been looking (but you can save $10 if you use this code: STMMMS7046). The program comes with a lot of backgrounds, preset layouts and albums, as well as all the cute embellishments to go with those. There are also tons of freebies and dollar packages at MyMemories to download and use as well. This is not a product I was looking for, but I will use it, and its been fun so far.

Giveaway Details:

I am giving away one copy of MyMemories Suite V3, a downloadable digital scrapbooking software. 

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, please include your email if you are a no-reply blogger.
  • Blog about this giveaway, including a link to this post.
  • Go to MyMemories and tell me what your favorite Digital Scrapbooking kit is.
  • Follow my blog.
  • Grab my button, and put it on your blog.

That is FIVE chances to win, each entry needs its own comment please. This Giveaway will be open until Midnight on Monday, January 23, and then I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Update: since there were no comments during the giveaway time, first comment on this post takes it. Anyone, Bueller, Anyone?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a manly lunch pail

Follow Me on PinterestThis is going to be one of those posts were I tell you what I learned along the way... Cause I definitely learned a reason why during this project.

After finding out my favorite fabric shop (Jenny's) has a selection of Batman fabrics, my hubby wanted me to make him some thing. I said OK, and he did not ask what I would be making. Which is so fun, especially when we get to the part of the project where he is wondering what the heck I an ironing over this beloved fabric and what this could possibly end up as. Lucky for me he was excited about a lunch pail.

I bought 3/4 yard of these three prints, although I could have used 1/2 yard of just 2 of them. I only used 2 prints, and some iron on vinyl and velcro to close it with. And some insulated batting. I was going for your classic  paper lunch sac, but with fabric, since all the lunch bags I saw online were looking purse-ish once you add a strap. I had planned on the top folding down, then velcro-ing, but then it would have only held an apple.  A very small apple...

I cut my fabric 14 inches tall by 12 inches wide, and ironed my iron on vinyl to my interior fabric. Then I cut out the lower corners 2x3 inches. I found out if you are going to box your corners, they need to be exactly the same, 3x3 or 2x2, cause if you don't you'll have to go with the longer side or have holes. So the bottom ended up square instead of rectangle.

 The velcro went on last; I waited till the bag was finished to see where the best placement would be since I was planning to roll the top down to close. Rolling the top meant no space for food, so we were going to scrap the whole thing as too small, and try again another day. Luckily Tim asked if we could just put the velcro at the top, and of course I should have thought of that, so we did it, and here it is.

His friends at work were sooo jealous, so this was a success.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I made a button!

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I made this button for my blog! feel free to grab it to yours. If you have a button let me know and we can swap, opportunities for more blog traffic are always great.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

digital scrapbooking, take one

Here is my first page, I used MyMemories version 3.

If you like it use coupon code STMMMS7046 to get $10 dollars off the software.
SO far I like using it, and they have asked me to do a review and host a giveaway, so look for that next week. 
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

fabric giveaway!

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the plaid scottie is hosting a fabric yum giveaway. I entered to win, and ?I suppose you could too. There's more than this to be won!

Click the photo to go there yourself.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rough day

Today started out with one hour of sleep, this is the first night my daughter has done that to me. Then we had a garage sale, and did pretty good. Hit my target amount for sure, so I was able to buy the rest pig the cloth diaper covers we need. I love using cloth diapers on my girl, so cute and so much less expense.

I'm also getting set to make a case for my nook simple touch. Just need to pick out some fabrics. This will be a crafty week!

Friday, January 6, 2012

quilting as I go

Here are my current QAYG blocks. I am not trimming them down until I am ready to start joining the blocks together because I don't want to fray the edges or cut through the stitches without being ready to stabilize them. The blocks in these photos are all 15x15 top layer, and I will trim them down to 14.5 or 14 inches. I am really enjoying this quilting and also playing with the white spaces.

I began this project with an idea in my head, and the first block shown (top) is a good representation of what I was going for. For me this project really is about process rather than product; I have already confirmed that my machine will not do free motion quilting. I do like the look of the quilting with the concentric squares, and I'm already thinking about how to shake that up too.

I've been drawing these past few days, trying to come up with a continuous star quilting, with only straight lines. Its been challenging as I piece things together.