Friday, January 20, 2012

Sponsored Giveaway: My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software

Follow Me on PinterestA couple of weeks ago I was asked by the people at MyMemories to review their digital scrapbooking software and host a giveaway. I was given a copy of their program for me, and one to give away to one of you, and with a new baby to take pictures of, I thought, sure why not.

I will say all my previous scrapbooking experience was when I was sixteen and on my homeschool groups yearbook class. We had fun but our yearbook was pretty lame, and spiral bound on computer paper with a laminated page for the cover. Woo. Or not. I'm pretty sure I lost that yearbook cause I have no idea where it could be today.

Anyways, about the digital scrapbooking. I will say that almost everything I have done with it has been while nursing my baby girl, so usually one handed on a laptop touchpad mouse not a normal mouse. It would have been easier for me if I had a regular mouse, but that is not their fault.

I like the layout of their program. It was easy to use and there is a shortcut bar across the top of the screen to manipulate pages and photos with. This was my first experience with something like this, and I liked making my own pages more than using the layouts and page decorations that came with. For example, I don't like baby stuff in general, so I am making my own baby pages that are not incredibly pink and frilly. Like this one:

I also like the video tutorials they have on their blog. These were very helpful in figuring out what to do, and my favorite was being able to group pictures or page elements so they would line up perfectly, and move as a group. It cut down on new user frustration by knowing how to do that, if I had to make certain things line up perfect without the help, I would have not been doing any layouts that need to line up or be spaced evenly.

I'm very excited about the fact that I made a button for this blog, and I did it using MyMemories. When you start a new book you can choose page size and shape, square or rectangle, 12x12, down to 6x6, and also 8.5x11 so you could print your pages without a specialty printer, although with the ink costs, for a whole book you are probably better off ordering it. Anyways, the button was fun to do. Pick a background, the picture, some text, shadow the text, put the box behind it... try out some embellishments and toss them cause it was to much.
This button was my favorite thing so far. I love the colors, and I love that it goes with my blog colors right now.

To conclude this review and hit the giveaway: I think digital scrapbooking is fun. I also liked using it for something else entirely with the blog button. This is not a product I was looking for, but I will use it, and its been fun so far. The price seems like a good deal, I think for $39.97 I might have bought it anyways, had I been looking (but you can save $10 if you use this code: STMMMS7046). The program comes with a lot of backgrounds, preset layouts and albums, as well as all the cute embellishments to go with those. There are also tons of freebies and dollar packages at MyMemories to download and use as well. This is not a product I was looking for, but I will use it, and its been fun so far.

Giveaway Details:

I am giving away one copy of MyMemories Suite V3, a downloadable digital scrapbooking software. 

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, please include your email if you are a no-reply blogger.
  • Blog about this giveaway, including a link to this post.
  • Go to MyMemories and tell me what your favorite Digital Scrapbooking kit is.
  • Follow my blog.
  • Grab my button, and put it on your blog.

That is FIVE chances to win, each entry needs its own comment please. This Giveaway will be open until Midnight on Monday, January 23, and then I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Update: since there were no comments during the giveaway time, first comment on this post takes it. Anyone, Bueller, Anyone?

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Coloradolady said...

I'd love to try this!! I think it is a great giveaway!