Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shop updates, life updates, possibly everything updates

So I have a shop over on I originally chose ArtFire over Etsy because I could sell for free or at a low monthly cost, instead of a per item cost, and on ArtFire my listings never expire! I love that feature. I also love that I am starting to consistently get sales. While I am not totally breaking even, it has been paying for itself over the past few months, and this has brought me back here, to the blog where it all began.

I originally began blogging as an escape from a mindless dull job with long hours and limited internet access as I waited for phone calls. I soon realized I could read blogs through Google, and decided to start blogging about my crafty endeavors as well. I blogged a lot back then, I was working a lot and sewing a lot, and sometimes bringing some handwork with me on the job. My first attempt at quilting, and it has yet to be completed, is a denim crazy quilt, which would be foundation pieced onto fat quarters, then hand embroidered, and I had lofty goals of this behemoth covering our king sized bed. Again realization hit me, and I decided this particular quilt just might be the death of me, and the blog name was born. Beautiful quilt, death in the process, it lives in a box now, and sometimes I take it out to look at it again, and remind myself not to be crazy.

Throughout this I discovered I love blogging. I love sharing my work, reading other peoples blogs, seeing the mess, the process, and finally the end result of creativity. Love, love, love all of it. When I quit that job I slowly fell out of the habit of blogging, and I miss it! I still do crafty, sewing wonderful things, but I don't post! And I am super lame at taking pictures lately! I want to blog, and to learn how to promote my business online effectively, so I am here, and I am back for round two, or maybe its round three or four at this point.

So now the life updates........ I'm having a baby! Due this November with baby #1, and I'm so excited about that. I'm working on a baby quilt using Alexander Henry's cute grumpy owl fabric for the feature fabric, and I think I'd be farther along but my Iron is complaining, I think it has hard water deposits inside? I did one round of vinegar and steamed the crap out of it(literally, it was grossness all over the bathroom sink). Yet it still is weird when I try to iron. I think it needs another round of vinegar? Helpful hints are greatly appreciated.

I miss this blog! I shall return!