Thursday, May 31, 2012


In trying to space out my posting, I realized none of the pictures I thought I posted went through. grrr. Hopefully I've fixed it now, hopefully this will actually post...Follow Me on Pinterest

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bias tape is so fun

Ok, I made more bias tape. Can't you just see the cuteness on a little white dress? So much fun here.
 I also broke down and got the machine. $45ish on link is for your info, I don't make money from anything but my artfire studio, and that's not even paying for itself yet). Free shipping. It has actually gone down in price since I bought it by about, oh, 1 dollar. Here is an action shot:
 The stripes are blurry because it really is an action shot. I know right? Do you see that crease? I messed up and bought the 1.25 inch Quilt Binding tip, which really disappointed me when it only folds strips in half, then let the binding age for about a week until I bought the 1.25 inch Bias tape tip. A quick reload and a run through the machine and my bias tape was folding itself down the middle. Still needed to be pressed though.
 Ok, the above picture, it's important. Maybe. There is this inch thick foam pad that should be under the roller in this picture. I took it out, and was able to load the winder bar thingy with far more than the half yard of bias strips it should hold. More space= more bias tape at one go. This round was about a yard or more cut into 2.5 inch strips. Fabulousness.
And this? Its five yards going in the shopFollow Me on PinterestVisit DeathByDenim's ArtFire Shop

Back Home

Home again, home again. It is so nice to be home in your own space. The weekend trip was good, till I got sick. But we met some wonderful people, and had good conversations. I very much enjoyed our tour of the neighborhood murals in the mission district with Edith, (Thanks Edith!)

Due to being sick(and therefore leaving early) I actually have no pictures. I think that's a first for me. I got to look at the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was closed for its 75th anniversary.

I'm still kind of amazed that I took no pictures.....

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Monday, May 21, 2012

So excited for this weekend!

I'm early, I know, but I am excited for this coming weekend. My wonderful husband,  baby girl, and I are going up to San Francisco for the weekend. We are going to be checking out an ministry apprenticeship opportunity, and I'm very much excited about it. Plus, it's my first time to San Francisco, and if we have free time I want to go see some giant red woods. Hoping I am not showing how clue less I am, and that there are some very near by? Road trip!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pictures from yesterday and today

Custom disc golf bag(with my new label!) for a customer/friend. There is something special on the back, but I won't share a picture till I give it to him.
 1/2 inch bias tape, pink cupcakes fabric, 5 yards is in my shop for you if you want it!
 This is the pillow case dress I mentioned yesterday. Its not a good picture but I love how this dress turned out. I used my own bias tape for the straps.
 A dress for the little one. Its getting there...
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Friday, May 18, 2012

A day of rest and play

Today is doing to be a good day. During baby girl's naps I will be crafting, and today my plan is to hem a pillowcase dress for Little dresses for Africa, then cut out and sew a dress for my own girl. I am also going to try to make some more baby pants to fit over cloth diapers... so far that has not been very successful. So if you know of any good pattern drafting/altering tutorials (free ones) please let me know. I'll post progress pictures later.Follow Me on Pinterest

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I started this blog on August 9, 2008. That was 100 years ago, or so it seems. I was newly married, working a crappy job but it paid the bills, and reading blogs because Google sites were not blocked by the firewall at work. I had soooo much time to blog back then. I would make stuff at home and post while I was at work. Pre-Pinterest, I would print out the cool ideas or tutorials I found in blogland.

I learned how to make a messenger bag that first year, and I have yet to complete the deadly denim crazy quilt I began for my king size bed. I knew nothing. I joined Etsy, deleted it by accident, and so have no DeathByDenim shop over on Etsy. I started a shop on ArtFire, which is fun to have, and some months I break even. Mainly I enjoy the process of working with fabrics, and I enjoy the feedback I get here from other bloggers.

Wanna see the first post?

Adventures in Bias Tape making

One yard of fabric makes a freakishly large amount of bias tape. This is just 5 yards worth, and destined for my shop. I have so much more for me to play with. Have I told all of you how much I love you? Thank you so much for reading and following my blog, it totally makes my day when you leave a comment!Follow Me on Pinterest
FYI: check out Yard Sale Saturday over at Quiltville

Saturday, May 5, 2012

There is new fabric in my house...

Follow Me on PinterestSorry no pictures yet. I can't find the memory card for the camera. But my wonderful husband came to the fabric store with me today. The goal was super hero fabric for a project we both are playing around with. The awesome thing was that he said we should set a budget for this trip, after seeing how much per yard the super heroes were. I do not set budgets well, at least not for myself, and my brain was saying: oh great, 10.98 x3 for super heroes is 33 dollars, I'll probably only be able to spend like 40, so to the back of the store we go for discount. What I said out loud was more like: Yay shopping! lets go to the back so we can find more stuff!

He said spend $100! I haven't been fabric shopping in forever! I looked through the whole store not just all the discounted areas. I bought cute things from the front of the store!

My fabric store total: $99.45
He actually yelled when he saw it on the register, and the girl ringing us up asked if it was too much and were we still going to buy it.

Yay Fabric!