Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bias tape is so fun

Ok, I made more bias tape. Can't you just see the cuteness on a little white dress? So much fun here.
 I also broke down and got the machine. $45ish on Amazon.com(this link is for your info, I don't make money from anything but my artfire studio, and that's not even paying for itself yet). Free shipping. It has actually gone down in price since I bought it by about, oh, 1 dollar. Here is an action shot:
 The stripes are blurry because it really is an action shot. I know right? Do you see that crease? I messed up and bought the 1.25 inch Quilt Binding tip, which really disappointed me when it only folds strips in half, then let the binding age for about a week until I bought the 1.25 inch Bias tape tip. A quick reload and a run through the machine and my bias tape was folding itself down the middle. Still needed to be pressed though.
 Ok, the above picture, it's important. Maybe. There is this inch thick foam pad that should be under the roller in this picture. I took it out, and was able to load the winder bar thingy with far more than the half yard of bias strips it should hold. More space= more bias tape at one go. This round was about a yard or more cut into 2.5 inch strips. Fabulousness.
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