Saturday, May 5, 2012

There is new fabric in my house...

Follow Me on PinterestSorry no pictures yet. I can't find the memory card for the camera. But my wonderful husband came to the fabric store with me today. The goal was super hero fabric for a project we both are playing around with. The awesome thing was that he said we should set a budget for this trip, after seeing how much per yard the super heroes were. I do not set budgets well, at least not for myself, and my brain was saying: oh great, 10.98 x3 for super heroes is 33 dollars, I'll probably only be able to spend like 40, so to the back of the store we go for discount. What I said out loud was more like: Yay shopping! lets go to the back so we can find more stuff!

He said spend $100! I haven't been fabric shopping in forever! I looked through the whole store not just all the discounted areas. I bought cute things from the front of the store!

My fabric store total: $99.45
He actually yelled when he saw it on the register, and the girl ringing us up asked if it was too much and were we still going to buy it.

Yay Fabric!


Michelle said...

Don't you love it when their idea of a good fabric budget is higher than ours? :-)

Codi said...

Oh my goodness, it was AMAZING! And now its all nicely washed and pressed and waiting to be played with!