Sunday, May 6, 2012


I started this blog on August 9, 2008. That was 100 years ago, or so it seems. I was newly married, working a crappy job but it paid the bills, and reading blogs because Google sites were not blocked by the firewall at work. I had soooo much time to blog back then. I would make stuff at home and post while I was at work. Pre-Pinterest, I would print out the cool ideas or tutorials I found in blogland.

I learned how to make a messenger bag that first year, and I have yet to complete the deadly denim crazy quilt I began for my king size bed. I knew nothing. I joined Etsy, deleted it by accident, and so have no DeathByDenim shop over on Etsy. I started a shop on ArtFire, which is fun to have, and some months I break even. Mainly I enjoy the process of working with fabrics, and I enjoy the feedback I get here from other bloggers.

Wanna see the first post?

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