Friday, October 31, 2008

Wedding gift!

So this morning while not working at the preschool (i called out so i could get some sleep, much much needed) I finished off an apron that's been sitting in my sewing room keeping the dust off my sewing machine case for the past month. Reversible and so so cute. I made the same one for myself, but this one looks nicer since mine was the trial run and had to piece some things together. But its finished! I also "made" some matching kitchen towels, and i desperately want to make some for myself. The best part is that the apron serves as the cutest wrapping ever, with a huge perfect bow on top. Hopefully its their colors since its not returnable :) Sadly, no pictures since I'm posting this from work, but maybe i"ll put some up tomorrow before the wedding, if i manage to get out of bed so early.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been a bad blogger

I feel so bad, I haven't put anything up here in over a month! And i've been making things! Not to mention trying to kill myself by working a second job. Anyhoo, i work 65 hours a week and try to do quilty things.

Finished projects:
reversible apron i made up myself
crayon box quilt top, scrappy (from bonnie at quiltville)
backing for quilt top (pieced from my stash)

Ongoing Projects:
quilt crayon box quilt "in the ditch"
reversible apron for me (Josephine from A is for apron) already cut out
organise stash
spend way too much money on fabric
make onesies with little applique cuteness
gaze longingly at the behemoth of a denim quilt on my wall, and hope it will finish itself soon

Since i have no time i have been doing so well at growing my stash, since shopping is easier and less time consuming than the actual quilting. I feel like it is actually worthy to be called a stash, instead of "those 3 pieces of cotton i own." The only reason it has been growing at all is because of a wonderful store where i can buy a yard for 1.69. Its flat fold, but most of the stuff on top is also out on the floor, they just have too much. So now i have so much yummy fabric. I have only brought home 2 pieces from the flat fold that felt like polyester after i washed them. which was weird because i then went and found them on the bolt and they are 100% cotton. So i don't know why its like that. But if you are ever in Huntington beach/fountain valley California, go to jenny's fabrics. the flat fold alone is worth it, plus they have all the new new pretty stuff for about a dollar a yard less than the fancy quilt shop not so far away. But i try not to look at that because i can buy so much in the flat fold. there is a lot of it.

I got my fabric from the swap with quiltpixie, its so cute, thank you so much, yours will be in the mail before thanks giving at least, if i don't get there sooner. its all ready to go, its just making the trip to the post office, or having my husband do that.

i have definitely been reading blogs, i just spend all my time at work on the weekends looking at blogspot sites (the work computer will only show me google related sites) so if you don't do blogspot, sorry, i haven't seen your page. But i want to! when i have a few minutes of not work time for lazing around with the computer.

OOH!!! i am also going to go the the Ontario California quilt show in January, road to California. I will not be taking classes, as i don't have the money, but i do plan on going to meet quilters and see all the beautiful stuff. Lucky for me i can drive there, or else i wouldn't be going.

My new goal is to blog weekly, and add pictures, its so much more fun with pictures.