Friday, October 31, 2008

Wedding gift!

So this morning while not working at the preschool (i called out so i could get some sleep, much much needed) I finished off an apron that's been sitting in my sewing room keeping the dust off my sewing machine case for the past month. Reversible and so so cute. I made the same one for myself, but this one looks nicer since mine was the trial run and had to piece some things together. But its finished! I also "made" some matching kitchen towels, and i desperately want to make some for myself. The best part is that the apron serves as the cutest wrapping ever, with a huge perfect bow on top. Hopefully its their colors since its not returnable :) Sadly, no pictures since I'm posting this from work, but maybe i"ll put some up tomorrow before the wedding, if i manage to get out of bed so early.

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Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Glad you are getting some things done. I was just checking on your UFO progress. I still have a ways to go.