Friday, January 6, 2012

quilting as I go

Here are my current QAYG blocks. I am not trimming them down until I am ready to start joining the blocks together because I don't want to fray the edges or cut through the stitches without being ready to stabilize them. The blocks in these photos are all 15x15 top layer, and I will trim them down to 14.5 or 14 inches. I am really enjoying this quilting and also playing with the white spaces.

I began this project with an idea in my head, and the first block shown (top) is a good representation of what I was going for. For me this project really is about process rather than product; I have already confirmed that my machine will not do free motion quilting. I do like the look of the quilting with the concentric squares, and I'm already thinking about how to shake that up too.

I've been drawing these past few days, trying to come up with a continuous star quilting, with only straight lines. Its been challenging as I piece things together.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I wish I knew how to quilt like that. If you ever want to make a small picture/video tutorial for something like that, let me know!! Wow, your blog is so inspiring!