Friday, September 5, 2008


My husband's parents, who we are living with right now, just got back from a cruise to Alaska. And it was alot of fun to have the house to ourselves for two weeks. But look what I got!!! An Alaskan Sampler by debbie caffrey, and 2 fat quarters, one of which is soo cute it needed its own picture. Why? Because its a fq of an alaskan quilt shop. I wish i had been there.
I so was not expecting this, but I'm super excited. Maybe a little too excited because i had run right upstairs and show you. I was not expecting presents so this is super fun, i'm a bit giddy right now. I'll just be drooling over these for a bit,


Gerb said...

Hi, Codi.

I'm an author with a book coming up in May called Death by Denim. I've put it on google alerts so I can keep an eye on reviews, etc., and your blog keeps popping up. : ) I've been enjoying your posts, but had to comment on this one because my husband and I did an Alaskan cruise last August and the picture of your Alaskan quilt shop fq bings back memories. Nice to meet you, and happy quilting!


Death by Denim said...

Thats so funny, I had no idea there was a book by that name, I'll have to read it when it comes out. The name for the blog came about since I realised what a huge ginormous project I had gotten myself into with my denim quilt. Thanks for stopping by,


Finn said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift that book and the FQs are. They look as special as they must be to you...lucky gal!! Enjoy! Hugs, Finn