Monday, April 20, 2009

I'll be gone for a while....

Its getting to be crunch time for me. Since we are going to europe this summer, applying for a fulltime ministry position in Kansas City, having a huge garage sale, my first craft show, and my husbands graduation in may, I am now always busy.

I may not have time to post here very much before we leave, May 28. After that i definitly will be gone until mid august, at which time there will be traveling pictures galore for you to see.

I might post updates on my other blog, but thats ify at best.

Want to know what needs to get done in the next 5 weeks while I'm still working fulltime?
  • Gigantic garage sale april 25, make signs, organise, sell stuff
  • my first craft show may 2, make way more stuff, figure out how to make my space all cute, make business cards, price things, make way more stuff,
  • plan husband's graduation party, probably may ?teenth a saturday. i will need to figure that out, invite people, do food(i'm cooking, so however many people come there will be way too much. Its a gift and a curse, like when once in a blue moon i make dinner for me and hubby, and we eat something not so good for a week. I grew up in a large fam, and it never looks like enough food) make sure my mil doesn't freak out about it, i'm sure theres more.
  • plan road trip and book hotel rooms. our missions trip training is in chicago, were from socal, were need to check out a ministry in kansas city on the way there, and leave our car with a friend in minneapolis. It'll be our one year anniversary too. good times, tons of driving. If you are in the kansas city area and want to meet up, i'll be there for 2 days. just not sure which 2 quite yet. theres sooooo much driving, and i need to nail this down so i can book the cheapest hotels i can find.
  • get ready to go to europe. crazy. i need to mail in my passport today. i should go do that.
Life is busy!! I know i will keep up on blogs til i leave, but I might not post again.

Look for me in august!!


Barb said...

You are going to be one busy gal.....but it will be worth it.

Karen said...

Enjoy your time in Europe.

Terri said...

hiya Codi we featured you this week thank you for the interview. your answers were wonderful, I am just sorry that I cant put all of them up.

Check out my blog for your feature.

Anonymous said...

Codi, have a fun trip!:)