Friday, November 21, 2008

Name my etsy store.....please

I am going to open an etsy store. Really. But i need a name. A good one, something catchy and cute, cause I'm not really sure i want to use death by denim for an etsy store. i plan on selling tutus and ipod cozies/carriers to start. non denim related. but super cute and fun. and fast and easy to make. probably some beanies and scarves too. I crochet. me!

any ideas are welcome, seriously, I'm drawing a huge blank. my blog name is the first time I've named something since i was one. And that was my only baby doll, Nina, who lives on my sewing table watching my scraps. I'm not even sure i was the one who named her. I don't even name pets. I had a cat... and i named her cat.

I'm so lame.

But I'm giving away 4 nights in Portland for new years eve! go here


Jenny said...

I'm terrible at naming things, but generally I get most of my creative ideas in the shower. That, and while driving! I think it's because my mind is free to wander. How sad that you can't go on your vacation! I can't enter either; Portland is diagonally across the entire country, almost as far away as it could be from SC, and we definitely can't afford to fly anywhere right now.

I wanted to let you know about the contest I am having right now. It is for a two week taster pack of Glow Mama drinks! They are great for moms and pregnant women. Stop by and enter when you have a minute :-)

Miss Anne said...

How fun!

First off let me say that i LOVE tutu's and as soon as you DO get your store up and running, I will be taking a gander throughout it! :)

How about these names:

Inspired Nina
*(use a picture of a girl in a tutu from waist down in the banner)*

Nina Says So
*(Picture of Nina with her hands on her hips as your banner)*

Nina's Notions
*(picture of Nina amongst sewing/craft supplies)*

Just a few brainstormed ideas. :) Hope they help! :) I am enjoying your blog!

Nicki Parker said...

I kinda like "Death by Denim" certainly cathes MY attention! ....or about "Death by....(something else that means something to you)