Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Baby Dress from Dad's shirt

Baby Girl has a new dress. And she's walking. She's 10 month's now, but had that down at 9. No wonder I've been absent. Here's her new dress! The blue came from Daddy's wedding shirt, the orange from my stash. I started with a pattern from a book, then threw it away and drew my own thing cause the book pattern and instructions were horrid. Yep. Horrid. This is big on her, which I knew it would be. Slightly A-line, and gathered at the bodice. I used the existing button placket from the dress shirt so I didn't actually have to do any of these buttons.
Dress front

Dress Back

Inside Front

Inside back...Look I used french seams!

What the armpit should look like.

Oooh pretty pit and hand stitched lining.

Eewww, look at that thready armpit!
 The bodice is fully lined, and I used some scraps cut on the bias to fake a bias binding on the armpit areas. One pit was better than the other, but the kid doesn't care. She can walk in it, but its getting put away for a bit cause it just looks too loose. Also, the button area on the front pulls it forward cause she's too little...needs a wider set of shoulders I think.

Things are getting made around here. And blogged. I feel so accomplished when I get a post done.
What have you accomplished lately?

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