Thursday, September 20, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles, the fabric district

I caught a bug. It's kind of intense. I so very want to go shopping in LA's garment district, and I live in Orange County, so its so going to happen. Tomorrow. And possibly next week also with my sister, or a friend, or both but different times.

Here's the plan for Friday's solo trip.

Drink Tea. Eat breakfast (as opposed to only drinking the tea, and munching on something later). Dress down(word is you get lower prices if you don't look rich, which I so am not) and wear walking shoes.

Bring the cash I have been hoarding for this purpose, and hit the road. Park at "305 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA" which seems to be thought of as the cheapest parking structure around, and which Google maps say is a mere 51 minutes from my house(in current traffic).

Tying the baby on my back(not a stroller friendly area), I will hit up the Loft(check out this link... Fabric is sold by the pound!!!) then put whatever I may have purchased in my car and peruse all the other shops.

I will hopefully find my way to the Everything is $1 store, and the FIDM store. I am looking for knits, and stuff to make clothes for the kiddo. I am also looking for the inspiration to never go to JoAnn's ever again...I already found a way better source for needles and thread.

I will not buy a hotdog from a street vender. I don't like hotdogs, and my money is for fabric. Also, if I have any left, I am looking at a serger listed on Craigslist Saturday. I highly doubt there will be enough left to make an offer that will not be insulting.

Wish me luck! Pictures coming tomorrow!
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