Saturday, August 16, 2008

Funky sampler blocks

These are not all the same size, and I had too many for one post so I'm missing a star and a tree, but here are my sampler blocks. I finished this boat this morning.

This one (above) is the very first block, I didn't have to take anything apart and I was very happy about that. And I love the color combo for the 9 patch, it pops so nicely even tho I wasn't trying.
I am pretty sure this will look rather funky when I get it together, I might do the last block tomorrow before work if I get up I time, and then I will post a pic of the whole thing. I am actually using a pretty fabric for the borders, because it was what I had when I started and I already cut it. I will probably use some muslin for the backing that I have in a drawer, so I don't use up something pretty. And I need to buy some batting.


Dionne said...

Thanks for sharing your funky squares, they look great!

And if you ever want denim scraps, let me know!


Death by Denim said...

Thanks, although they make me dizzy looking at them put together, I'm debating whether to post that picture. And I'm pretty sure I'm good on denim scraps for now, I have a drawer full of scraps and an other with uncut jeans, and I don't have projects for all of it yet.