Thursday, August 21, 2008

GAAHHH!!!! Its Hideous!!!

It might be too bad for pictures, I don't know yet, although it didn't break my camera so there is hope. It looks so bad, the colors are terrible, and there's no flow, nothing nice, unless you only look really close at one or two fabrics at a time, then it might be ok. You don't want to see it. Trust me, it might contain a virus and break your computer. I am practicing hand quilting in a hoop on this thing, and man that is hard when you're trying not to look, but its seriously UGLY. It might need to be put out of its misery, or locked away in a tower, never to be seen again. I'm not quite sure yet, but I know that my crappy quilting will perfectly match this horrible top.

And the backing fabric! I do have to post the backing, which was $2 a yard on clearance, and looked ok in the store ($2 a yard and I'm trying to get a stash together, it sounded perfect and I bought a yard) but once it made it home, and I saw it natural light, I realised, of all the fabric on clearance, this one was supposed to be there. It was also asking to be a part of the sampler. It wanted to. Knowing it would be put in a corner, not even getting the selvage cut off or the sides evened up, it wanted to have some friends. So I used it, and although it knows it will eventually be put away from human eyes, at least it won't be lonely. Plus, I didn't have to use something nice for the backing. Actually, if this little bit hadn't talked me into it, I'd have stopped once the top was pieced. Maybe I should thank it for giving me the practice. I'm not sure tho.

Pictures to come! If I work up the courage.......


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Finn said...

Sweetie, you are being way to hard on yourself. I think the blocks are both interesting and creative. To me, that's worth a lot more than perfect or pretty. Things that are the "p & p" get boring very rapidly. When something in interesting, it keeps you looking and speculation about it.
You did very, very well with these sampler blocks...HONEST! hugs, Finn