Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More pics

This is the back of a completed block, I'm now kind of sad I used a pretty fabric now that I've started piecing a sampler. By the way, I'm piecing a sampler, using what I have in my meager stash (there is a picture further down) and paying no attention whatsoever to colors.
Here is the top of a block with some peter pan quotes and a butterfly I love, I don't know why the back is first but whatever.
This is the stash, partially held by a punch bowl. My cutting and ironing zone is the top of a long dresser, which is just the right height, and I have my rulers and rotary cutting mat hanging on the wall when I'm not using them.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are!

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Dionne said...

Your quilt is going to turn out wonderful. I love crazy quilts and you've done some nice things so far with it. I am looking forward to seeing more progress!