Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have a store

I took the plunge, and opened an artfire store. The only problem is that I have nothing to sell right now. I opted for Artfire instead of etsy because i tried etsy, but they would not let me change my email, and i had some horrible emails from support when i tried to close/rename/new email my account, basically they said get a new email address, and open a new account. And then I heard of ArtFire, which has a promo going to sign up for the premium/unlimited account for $7 a month for life. They have a free basic account, but its limited items/pics, so I went for the unlimited. They have no listing fees, and you can list as much as you like, with up to 10 pics per item (i think 10 is the right #). It looks good, Etsy-like but more of a flat-rate Etsy.

so my artfire is

but there's nothing there yet. once there is, I will have a link on my side bar, and probably a traffic generating give away of some sort.

also, they have a limited number of $ 7 accounts left, its less that 500 out of 5,000, so check it out soon if you're interested,

say you heard from me, first 10 people will be entered into a special drawing from me. go to

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tina said...

Codi, thanks so much for choosing us here at ArtFire. We're so glad to have you! Though you may not have any items to sell at the moment, you might consider creating an avatar to personalize your ArtFire Studio. This site is so sleek I know your avatar would shine! =)