Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so, today at work(btw, i'm still at work) my boss called an impromptu staff meeting about department restructuring(no layoffs) just new start times all around. she also managed to sneak in that my hours would be cut, but no one else's.

mmm hmmm.

i was answering phones during this meeting, so i couldn't look at her like she was talking crazy.

after a private meeting with her i found i would be working later start times(11am or noon instead of 10am), as well as fewer hours(60 instead of 80 per pay period of 2 weeks).

so anyone looking to hire a great preschool teacher/nanny/babysitter/cake-decorator/lesson-planner/amateur-quilter/amateur-photographer/phone-dispatcher in the Orange County CA area, shoot me an email, its on on my profile.

I'm looking for work, people.


imquilternity said...

So sorry to hear your news and good luck with your search for more work!

scrappy quilter said...

Sorry to hear your news. Hope you can find something else.