Sunday, March 22, 2009

whats new with me

first, i made a dress, and wore it public, and i like the dress but not my choice of color. when you see it you'll know why. I feel like i look like a frumpy 30's 40's housewife, but not the sexy kind. Like I should be wearing sensible shoes and rationing my food card.

I also made a new purse, but did not manage to follow Lola's mystery, cause i used that fabric for this purse, since i wanted it to use the next day. again, no pics, but i used the fabric i posted in a previous post.

I officially have things listed in my artfire store, all 3 of them, and there is a give away in the works, i'm building up something fantastic for it.

stay tuned


Barb said...

Codi, I think it is awesome that you have done a store....I tried to email you but for some reason my computer keeps freezing on me....can you email me with more details? I read you other post before you had stuff listed in your store. I want to do this...but have questions.

Linda B. said...

Okay, like I really want to see you in the "housedress". Hurry and post.
And I'm interested in your store also. I'm getting ready to start posting to Etsy, but am wondering if that is the best site.