Monday, January 26, 2009

baby quilt

heres the baby quilt, jason and kristin, if your ever come across my blog, pretend you didn't see this. i tried out the mitered corners on this thing, they were a pain for a first try, but i really like how it turned out. i went thru my fq's, and found the shoe fabric, which i was excited for since its girlie but not baby, so i went with it, and i also pulled the teal. you can't tell, but its a mermaid fabric from robert kaufman. i plan on using some for the backing.

i like how this turned out, it looks like a crossword from far away. i think they'll like it. i plan on quilting it in yellow, with a wiggly zigzag. i will probably make the backing tonight or tomorrow.

these are 6.5 inch blocks, imagine a 9 patch with a brick on one side and you've got the block.

what i learned: square up my blocks before i put them together. i think its why so few seams match up. cause i tried to match seams it just wasn't happening.

ps. stash busting
i used 2 yards for the top, but i got 3 fat quarters from freecycle, which brings my total to 219.25 yards, and no money spent. i recommend freecycle. google it.


Barb said...

You did a great job with your mitered corners...looks awesome.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

OMG I can't believe you did all of this since you asked which fabrics to use--wasn't that just yesterday? Geezy petes do I feel like a slovenly slug when it comes to y'all! It looks AWESOME! I think your crossword quilt achieved exactly what you were going for--girly without being traditional and conventional! Love the mitered corners--will you or someone teach me that trick?

Pat said...

GOSH...I agree with Shelly (Dragon's Dolphin) are putting THIS old gal to shame with how quickly you put this together!!! Looks GREAT and your corners are terrific. I rarely do them, but I do love the mitered look a lot better and SHOULD do them more often that way.

Linda B. said...

Well, you certainly don't waste any time! I like your final picks, and it's really cute. Baby will love it.