Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday sewing day... all day long!

Well I've the first part, getting up on time(thank you annoying cough) so here are my goals for today.
  • wash new fabric and iron
  • iron fabric sitting on the chair
  • put my sewing machine back in the room
  • fix dh's jeans
  • make a mini quilt for a swap i joined
  • make the apron for Ly that she won
  • mail as many things finished as possible
i'm hoping i sew til i can't stand it anymore


Barb said...

You certainly have a busy day planned....hope you accomplish it all. As for your sewing room, I call it creativity...that is how the brain works....throw one project over there....and get out material over here....etc.... Nothing wrong with it.

Miss Anne said...

you are such a busy girl!

(i hear you/feel you)...

i haven't forgotten about your package either.. and i have all the stuff from portland... just need to remember to get it off in the mail... this week, pinkyswear!


Pat said...

I know the feeling.....LOL (I think a LOT of us do!)