Monday, January 19, 2009

Lately I've...

  • been reading a lot, The constant princess, the Boleyn inheritance, the hiding place, and I've decided to share what i read, cause id like to have a record for myself.
  • bought some new fabric. but that should be it for a while. its washed but not all ironed.
  • organised my stash, refolding and reorganising, also taking inventory of how many yards i have, I'm not finished counting, but its getting close to 150 yards, so i need to stop. i spend all my food money on fabric and make something to eat at home. which is fine, but i have plenty of fabric for now.
  • realised i need to fix my husbands clothes before he decides to buy more, 3 of his 4 pairs of jeans are waiting to be fixed, it'd take 10 mins to do all of them. but its just not fun. (not when i have fabric to play with)
  • started breaking down scraps into scraps, strings, and 2.5 inch strips and 3 inch strips. not as crazy nicely organised as bonnie from quiltville, but what i can do with the space i have. basically anything smaller than a fat quarter gets cut into use able pieces, and organised in a drawer with its friends, and when i want to scrap something i pull from the appropriate drawer. it seemed like it would work and so far it is. much better than having a pile of fabric.
  • cleaned off the couch in my sewing room. yep, there was a couch in there, you just couldn't see it for all the junk. good thing i did this cause now my chair has all my un-ironed fabric on it, so i can sit on the couch
  • found the perfect fabric for the apron for the winner of the giveaway, possible sneak peak coming soon


Pat said...

GOOD things you are doing...especially trying to tame the scrap fabrics! I need to do that, too.

RachelJane said...

You have been a busy busy girl - and productive!
I really like Philippa Gregory's books, too. I know some people say she writes chick lit, but the history appeals to me, even if it's "pop history". Let's face it, she had to have done some research. Right?

Miss Anne said...

look at you organizer pants! :)

wanted you to know i havent forgotten about you and your sweet little package!!! wedding planning and J's return home have just bombarded my life!

i'm going to get it out this week if it kills me! :)


Dragon's Dolphin said...

I know all about that pile that is too big to trash, too small to do anything with--hmmmm maybe that's been my ulterior motive in my interest in quilting. Nah, I just like it and wanted to learn to do it!
Know too about reading that you feel you need to share. The Bolyne family is definitely an interesting one! I used to love the historical fiction that my mom would suggest long before I was even your age! It got me through upper elementary through high school. Then started in on different reading genres. At this point in time, I like my J.D. Robb, Dean Koontz, James Patterson and James Rollins books.