Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Came home from work and look what i found! a wonderful present from the lovely Sonja(no blog?) in the netherlands, two red fabrics, one an african print, and one a football print. plus some lovely dutch fabric, which i need to use for something special. its so pretty. and the cute little clog on a keychain. so happy... i love swaps. this was for the imagingermonkey fatquarter swap. stay tuned for pics of what i will send her.


Linda B. said...

You sewing room looks like mine. Finally, someone who has more fabric than me! You DO know that clutter is the sign of a creative mind, don't you? Problem with working this way, which I do, is I frequently have to waste time organizing and putting away. Sigh.

Pat said...

Isn't it GREAT to get these packages in the mail??? Enjoy your goodies! I sent my two Whirl Into Winter packages out yesterday but, of course, FORGOT to photograph them before they left here. Oh,well.....such is life! :)