Wednesday, January 21, 2009

State of my sewing room, (its a work in progress....)

believe it or not, this is much better than it was before. yes i am a slob, its why i have a room to be slob in, but now you could easily sit on the couch to visit while i sew. if i move my backpack and work shirt. on the back of the couch you can see the quilt i'm working on, and fabrics piled up on left of the pic are from friday when i washed fabric. those are patiently waiting for me to iron them.
umm, this is my "sewing" table. you may notice there is no sewing machine. its sitting on the floor in the spare bedroom from weeks ago when my sisters came over to sew. i haven't done anything since then, and i am itching to make something. if you have a good imagination or work well with clutter you may be able to see that this is where the "organising" is happening. one of the drawers that should be underneath is sitting on top so i can easily throw strips and strings in there, and a stack of newly ironed and folded fabric is waiting to be sorted into its real home on the shelves. and lets be honest, theres also alot of crap that doesn't need to be there. but its a great i spy pic.
this is the chair. you can tell its a chair right? no? oh well. note the trash bag hiding my snack stash, but its almost empty. that cardboard box has those jeans i need to fix, and again you have a lovely view of my washed but not ironed fabrics. topping it all off is another drawer waiting for 2.5 inch strips. these only have their own drawer cause i cut so many for that quilt. I have been kind of using bonnie's scrap saver system, cause i want to have scraps to use. i am only cutting down things that are less than a fat quarter, into bits, 2.5 inch strips/bricks, and strips and strings. wonky crumb blocks will happening this weekend. when the chair is usable and the sewing machine comes back from vay cay.
thats what i cleaned of the couch. it went far.
and last but not least (especially since its the only pic where i come off looking like an organised person) look how pretty it is. it makes me feel happy, all the piles are their own color, its like a breath of fresh air. by now we all need it. go look at the next post, scroll down, its much nicer than this one.

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Pat said...

Well..can't speak for everyone, but my sewing area gets in a similar state quite often. I try to keep it neater, mind can't do both things at once....can do EITHER creative OR tidy...but not both at once!!!