Friday, January 23, 2009

sewing update

ok, i spent 4 and a half hours ironing.
went like this, run downstairs with fabric to throw in the washer, count as it goes in, 17 yards. btw, thats when i realised i was crazy. debate as to whether white on whites should go in with a few reds, but i threw them in anyway, and they were fine. back upstairs to iron. count the fabrics on the chair.... 21 yards.
see that, thats 38 yards of fabric to iron, so i can use the chair to sew. and i have to iron it because otherwise i cant use it if i want to.
i started this at like 8:30
i cleared the boxes off the chair after 1pm. i'm hoping its one, if it was 2 i should be shot for allowing myself to be tortured for the sake of a beautiful stash.
i notice holes in the stash now, i'm low on turquoise. yep. and i could use some more black on whites.
i'm fully aware that i'm crazy.
I only started sewing and stashing in july/august 08.
i now own 220.5 yards of yummy cottons, plus scraps and strings in a 3 drawer bin(medium) plus a bucket of 5.5 inch squares.

thank you jenny's fabrics, for your wonderful flatfold section. you have allowed me to buy way to much fabric because $20 brings home at least 12 or 13 yards. thank you ladies of Jenny's, for cutting generously when i get flat folds. i know its because you want to get rid of them, but i like it. thats an extra 4 to 6 inches that magically appears in the stash. times however many yards i buy, its wonderful.


Pat said...

WOW, have a LOT of fabric for one who only started building a stash recently!!! I rarely wash my stuff when I first get it...wash it as I am going to use if (if at all...don't wash it for wall-hangings since they won't be laundered afterwards, in all likelihood). You sure worked hard today....whew...I'm tired even THINKNG about it!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I hate ironing (fabrics or clothing)! Therefore, like Pat I don't wash fabric until I use it--if then. I know, I should wash it all before using, but; what can I say, I'm lazy! Besides, most times I end up with polyester something or other--not for quilts obviously, but for most anything else, as I say, I hate ironing! You really do know how to make someone feel tired. Please tell me that you at least are able to use the chair now!;)