Friday, January 23, 2009

please vote,

this is the third post today, and your help is needed
this is going to be a baby quilt. i will pull in some scrappy bits here and there, but what do you think? its for a baby girl of my friends, who are not at all traditional. The main fabric will be the nerds rock yellow, as the daddy is very proud of being a nerd. i need opinions, one side the other, some from each, use them all? leave your comments. even if you would never use these fabric choices.
and the one that looks like black with ugly/weird colorful bats on it is brown with colorful butterflies. none of my picture came out well for that one


Dragon's Dolphin said...

If they are not traditional, then I would go with the fabrics on the right with the yellowish-green polka dotted fabric. I think it'd be awfully cute!

FeatherDuster said...

Well...not at all my kind of thing, so this is tough... but I'd use all of them together except the pink one, and add in some blue--probably a shade of teal close in color to the faces on the nerd piece, or the blue crescents in the black piece.

Pat said...

I'd definitely ditch the pink.....too traditional for these folks. I keep going back and forth about getting rid of either the polka dotted OR the orange, too...and bringing in some kind of teal, but....I think you could keep all except the pink butterfly fabric. That really needs OUT of there!!! LOL

Codi said...

the more i look i don't like the butterfly, i think i might use the other three tho, i need to keep looking at them

Miss Anne said...

i love it !

i love original, non-traditional stuff!

keep up the great work