Tuesday, February 10, 2009

baby quilt

here is the back of the baby quilt, and you can see some of the quilting. I pieced the back, so my husband asked me if it was supposed to be reversible. umm, not really, but i guess it could be. I know i didn't use the yellow Popsicle fabric on the front, but its so cute, i had to include it. and i used up the rest of the blue mermaid fabric, you can't tell what it is on the front.

for the quilting i am using my walking foot with stitch 22, its the wiggly one that Ive been seeing people using on other blogs. I'm quilting it close together, so i just use the previous stitch at the side of the walking foot as my guide line. I have about 6 inches left to go, but not pics of that much finished. i am thinking about binding it in the green dots or the orange scissors fabric, and having it finished by the 20th, so i can give it to the mom and dad together, since its alot for the dad. if the binding goes as planned, it should work. ive never bound a quilt before, this will be the first one I've finished. I've been looking through a bunch of binding tutorials, and will probably use the one from crazymomquilts. its pretty straight forward with a ton of pics.

I don't think i've posted a stash update since the start of this. i busted 2 yards for the top(which was already accounted for), and about 1 for the back, and included in those numbers are the strips and scraps that went in to the drawers for those things. I've also remembered i had 2 bolts hiding under the dresser, muslin and a black, so we will add about 15 yards for those. I also bought 8 yards, so much for not buying any fabric, i lasted about a week. its cute tho, I'll take pics tonight. I also mailed off about 4 yards of Christmas fabric and other fun bits for luv2knits daughter, who also has a blog now. also i haven't taken away 1 yard for the green on the wedding quilt.

in and forgotten about: 23 yards
out/used: 6 yards
total in for this year: 23.75 yards
total out: 8 yards
so i have 236.25 yards. that's too much. no more shopping.
and i spent about $17

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Quilt Nut said...

love the wiggly quilting! and that popsicle fabric is fabulous