Monday, February 23, 2009

i want one one

i know i dont have the space to make anything big, but i want one. i have resolved myself to not owning an actual long/mid/short arm and frame, anytime in the remotely near future, but i have wanted this since i decided hand quilting sucks (for me, i am mucho impatient) way back in, say, august or september 08. (i know, torture)

i thought i would want a grace frame for hand quilting, those are much less costly, but my meager attempts at hand quilting in a hoop were super lame and i wanted to cry. I do not have the patience at this time in my life. Also, i am a great starter, and a horrible finisher, so visions of quilts piled up and never actually finished were springing into my brain. And so i decided i want a long arm, used.

umm, still too much.

so yesterday, when my mother in law gave me a birthday check, she mentioned i might want to get one of the things on my christmas wish list. i believe they were a good iron>$7, a 1/4 inch quilting foot, and the john flynn quilt frame.
i got the iron for xmas, it hasn't died on me yet, so i will be putting that $100 towards the $130ish cost of the flynn frame. and PVC pipes are also fairly cheap, so the larger frame sizes will be a possibility in the future.

I have also been searching for anything flynn frame blog related while at work(and can only read blogspot blogs), since i am now again lusting over this piece of equipment which will dramatically improve the quality of my life. right?

at least until i find that long arm sitting on the curb waiting for me to get it.

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Barb said...

I WANT ONE TOOOOOOO!!!! I hope you can get one in the near future. My husband promises me one when we return to the states...we will see if the economy will allow me to get one can always hope. Good...Luck!!!