Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday's Goals

Well, i'm about 2 hours from the start of my weekend, and i want to do so much sewing tomorrow. I considered using tomorrow to re arrange the sewing room, but decided i don't care.
Tomorrow is my "big" sewing day for the weekend, if i'm not stuck at the mechanics.

heres the plan:
7:30 wake up, get up, call towing company to take our truck in to get the starter fixed. Figure out if i need to go with the truck to the mechanic, or follow in my FIL's car, or just not go. hopefully follow or not go. While waiting for this to happen i will hopefully play with some crumb blocks or put the walking foot back on to finish the baby quilt. I also want to make some more blocks for the project improv donation quilt, and some wonky stars for the australian bushfires.

I will not at any time allow myself to go to the fabric store. (pray for me)

After the car thing happens, if i am stuck i will walk to my grandmas for the day, or if not i will drive home(nowhere near the fabric store....i hope) after i get reimbursed from my car insurance for the towing. (for 3 bucks a month you get reimbursed for towing with statefarm, just show your agent the receipt, they cut you a check right there. well worth it, costs less that AAA per year, and pays for itself the first time you get towed, about $100) this is the second time in 6 months that we have needed this, and i am so thankful we have it.

sometime in the evening(think 4 0r 5 ish) its a girls night out with Gma, mom, and 2 sisters. we will see some kind of movie, and possibly have dinner, all because my grandad is in Niger, working with the missionaries our church supports, and helping the Manga people. so she will be lonely. and i get a free movie/dinner, and some fun time out with my fam.

Saturday am i am having coffee with a friend, then Paige(16 sister who can drive now, which officially makes me old, but not old enough to teach her to drive or i'd be really old, like my husband, who's 27:) is coming over to make a robe with some flannel she picked out a few weeks ago. and man, plaid flannel is coming back something fierce. i don't get it. all these skinny socal teens in their frumpy lumberjack shirts being all fashionable. its a sickness. She'd make herself a plaid shirt if either of us had the confidence to pull if off, but we think we can't kill the robe too bad, even if one arms too long, or the collar goes down further on one side, its a robe, it'll still work.

She is also(maybe) considering getting her own sewing machine, instead of spending the money to overhaul our moms. we figure fixing the one will cost as much as buying a new basic one, so we might go to walmart or target to see what they have. or the sewing machine place to see how much they'll charge. i'm a bit concerned, the thing is over 20 years old, has never seen any oil or a lint brush, and sounds like a train when you use it. its what i learned to sew on, and its finicky, tension never goes right, bobbin never goes right, it just gets stuck, it needs the sewing machine dr for some tlc. we need to see which costs more.

Also, avoid the fabric store. i'm not allowed to go. its a sickness(but a fun sickness)

if i don't get pictures posted tomorrow please yell at me. i have crumb blocks to post, as well as a project improv block finished. and probably some pics with my sis.

seriously, remind me to post the pics.

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