Friday, February 27, 2009

a wonky star, and some guts

so, my first wonky star for bushfire survivors. i used my 3.5 crumb squares in the middle. i quite like how this is looking so i may need to make some for me.

and because i want to show these pics:

i fixed Paige's/my mom's machine to the best of my abilities(and it purrs like a fat lazy kitten), and the inside of a sewing machine is pretty cool. i pretty much just opened it up and lubed up the part that looked like they'd stick or make noise. the only thing i wish i hadn't done was oil the shaft that moves the needle up and down, it took quite alot of sewing thru scraps to get rid of the extra oil.

there are some sewing machine guts below, this is not for the faint of heart.

look away!

its on its side like a beached whale....this is the right side if you were looking at it head on.
all the parts that make the needle go. and i figured out what the tension knob actually moves. and see that light bulb in the middle? i had no idea it ever existed, and whenever i used this machine there was no light....well, the light still works, and know we know its there
another angle on the needle side

top view, looking from behind. the yellowy white cylinder in the middle is the stitches! turn the knobby on the front, and it clicks thru the different templates. they yellow goo is the consistency of petroleum jelly(Vaseline) it doesn't smell either, its goops.

to get the top off i had to put a drop of oil on the screws holding it in...they wouldn't budge at all

we saved $99 buck by me oiling this thing up, i like it.


Karen said...

Love the wonky star!

Ly + Alan said...

love the wonky stars! =)