Monday, February 2, 2009

project improv

you may have noticed the lovely new pic/link on my sidebar. i have joined project improv, in an effort to embrace uneven, wonky, mismatched seams, and that more-or-less-than a 1/4 inch seam.

i did take pics of my first wonky crumb blocks. so soothing, you just sit and piece, iron when you feel like it, piece some more, no worries about color, no matter if one side of the seam allowance is bigger than another, just the peaceful rhythm of piecing.

i will not be making 3.5 inch crumb blocks anymore however. its just to small for me. if its bigger, it comes together faster. i think 6.5 is my minimum.

i also secretly bought a new ruler to celebrate. a 12.5 inch omnigrip. i went for the buck more to see how it compares, altho i have never had problems with my omnigrid slipping, or with the cheaper ez rule? from walmart. i like the omni brand better because it has colored lines. i only paid $7 for it, after a 40% coupon and a return on thread. i haven't used it yet, its in a drawer. i swear one of these days my husband will catch on that i am a very sneaky person, or just read my blog to see what i do with my life. anyhooo.

i will soon be making a pink/orange block for project improv, altho probably not tonight, as there is a new jon and kate plus 8 on when i get home. and probably not tomorrow, since i work all day.

did i post enough today? this is round 3

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Barb said...

I will have to check out the improv....sounds interesting...especially since I can never get things perfect...always a problem or mistake.