Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first machine

this is the machine i learned to sew on, it may have been more fun if sometime in the last 25 years it had ever been delinted, or oiled, or taken in for a tune up. It is a solid machine, made of metal, and weighs 100lbs. My mom got it for their engagement or wedding, and the last thing she used it for was dresses for my sister and me when i was 3. 1 for each of us. then when i started messing around with it she would have me hem stuff for her once in a while.

Before sewing yesterday, paige and i headed over to the sewing machine repair place to check it out and see how much a tune up is. $100. which doesn't seem too bad, but we could buy a new machine for that much. its tempting. Although the sales man wanted us to buy a $200 machine from him, which was normally 500, on sale for valentines day, and oh ya, without seeing our machine he said its basically a piece of crap. can we say commissioned sales person? good thing we had no money.

I asked about used machines, (he said we didn't want those) but they had a few good one for $100. like a janome(something very basic, it didn't have very many stitches), but it looked like a good one.

i had fun looking at the long arms they had set up, I'm pretty sure i was drooling, so its a good thing we had absolutely no money.
i looked for a 1/4 inch foot, and they wanted to sell me a new machine. Although this saleslady stopped pushing when i said mine is just fine and does what i need it too. no more pushing. it was nice. and she got me on the email list when more big sales happen. i'm pretty sure this store is out of my league, unless they get in a used long arm frame, and i manage to convince them i really do want the old crappy one instead of the newer better one.

i liked it, it was fun. and then we headed over to target to look at their sewing machines. they carry brothers, which always have good reviews even on the lowest priced models, so she knows her options in the same price range as fixing the beast.

that poor machine. i think it cries every time someone attempts to use it. it sounds like it is. basically we decided to leave the machine with me, and will take the case off, and delint and lube where i can, hopefully it improves it, and allows Paige to sew at her house. Cause its basically hers now.

Also, my mom couldn't understand why i would want a new one when i could just have hers. umm, because my husband(then boyfriend) was going to let me pick out the machine of my dreams(within reason) for christmas one year. my own machine and i got to pick and brand new with no problems yet? yep, i got the new one.


Barb said...

Gotta love the old machines, sometimes they will out last a new one. Gotta love the salespeople too....everybody has to eat....even pusy sales people.

Stacey said...

older ones are louder anyways, you should hear the one my daughter uses. but that's alright, it keeps her busy and creative!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Love my Mom's Singer Featherweight that is now ummmmm 45 or so years old. It can outsew any machine I put it up against. But I must say, I have 2 of the lower priced Brother embroidery/sewing machines that I absolutely love, an old Brother sewing machine, a Pfaff that has all the bells and whistles that mysteriously lost all its presser feet and extras the last time I sent it in to be serviced, a Singer serger and really want one of the higher end Brother embroidery/sewing machines as well as a long arm with a frame. Will I ever get the other two machines I want? Probably not, but it never stops me from going in and listening to the sales pitches and dreaming--then I walk out! They're never too happy I walk without buying; but it gives them more practice! LOL