Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days till Christmas?!

It snuck up on me this year, not gonna lie.
Everything was slowly going forward after thanksgiving, i bought all the stuff to make presents for all the fam, we put them all together last week, and i've gradually pulling out fabric for aprons and purses for 5 or 6 ladies who are receiving more than the cookies in a jar stuff.
So far, all the jars are filled but not decorated, and i have one apron finished. another one needs to be done tomorrow night, to be used for cooking on christmas eve and christmas, and i'd like to finish the purse for my mom, and the stocking, ipod cover, and computer case for my hubby. I also want to make something for my little sister, probably a purse. And i should make an ipod cover for my brother in law, since he's not to jazzed about cookie mix this year. oh, and get my hubby to decorate cookie jars, while i'm away at work tomorrow.
Did i mention i work 10 hour days at the hospital, and cook dinner when i get home? we'll have to eat out tonight for sure, so i can make lots of stuff. then work tomorrow.
At least i am off on wednesday, so i have until 4 ish to finish.
theres no time anymore.
2 more hours till i'm off work, lets hope i get everything done in time


Miss Anne said...

you are superwoman!

i usually end up working 10 hr days and then come home, and cook dinner too!

but you taking on all homemade gifts???? amazing!


Julia said...

I'm a new blogger and found your site through another blog. You sound like I did when I was young, teaching with three daughters. Now they are grown and have their own children and there still aren't enough hours in the day to get stuff done. Now I'm sewing for the grands. Check out my blog. Julia