Friday, December 26, 2008

all the christmas presents i gave away

ignore the random out of order-ness. these are the cookie mix we made for everyone, the purses for my sisters and me, and the apron for my mother in law. those are not good pics of the apron but i forgot to have her pose, so thats what i have. and she was soooo excited about it.

My sisters also like the purses so much they want to learn how to sew too. super cool. paige(16 and driving) wants to copy a reversible purse blythe(21 and preggers) has. blythe wants to make sackboy from little big planet. so tomorrow we are off to my favorite fabric store, then back home for a sewing party. if anyone knows how to make a sackboy already(that isn't knitted) let me know so i can check it out and be ready for tomorrow. she want to use sock-monkey fabric, and how convenient that my fabric store sells it. i think its moda, or micheal miller that has the sock monkey line, either way i'll know for sure tomorrow.

i'm super excited about this sewing day with my sisters, my family has never cared about my crafty side til now, when i have the space to make a mess and actually finish a project, instead of never starting anything cause mom makes me clean my stuff off the dining room table. cause who wants to start a project, finally figure what your trying to do, then clean up? not me, i do better in a messy messy room. i'm pretty sure blythe is starting to think of me as her own personal baby gear sweatshop, but it'll be fun.


Miss Anne said...

your presents turned out fab!!!

love those jars!

and the purses and the apron... ok well all of it!!!

and you've inspired others to sew!!! how cool!


Nicki Parker said...

I love those jars!!
...and I'm so glad to hear you've inspired others to sew, too! You and your sisters will have so much fun...just wait and see. I'm teaching 3 granddaughters to sew (ages 8,11,13)and we've had 3 different sewing days together that I wouldn't trade for anything!Besides passing on a valuable skill, the memories we're making together are priceless.....

Lory said...

Aww,they're so cute! I love love the jars, very original with the buttons and all. :):):):)

I think it's really sweet that you and your sisters are going to embark on this fun creative journey together. It'll make for some great memories. :):):)


Mermaid said...

Would love to get my sisters interested,too. Love the apron!