Monday, December 1, 2008

Off to the fabric store

Very soon i will be leaving to go buy fabric(yay!) for various Xmas gifts. and my new purse. I am hoping i will find everything i want in the flat fold section. this year its aprons and hot pads to match. mainly because no one i know has a cute apron. And i like to make them.

there may also be some stash building going on. please don't tell my husband. he thinks my fabric is worth alot less than it is. ie, its all flat fold and he hasn't seen my receipts. (or the 2 bolts under the dresser). occasionally i buy full price if its fantastic. Which i will do today. for my new purse. because all my waiting has not gotten this fabric into the flat fold section where i want it to be.

Tim if you read this sorry i'm being sneaky.... i love you!


1 comment:

Miss Anne said...

Seriously i LOVE the fabric store... and if i were a better seamstress I would make cute aprons... I dont know if it's the machine or me, but girl, i can screw things up!

however! i do make some cute potholders! :)

please post a pic of your new fabric for the purse when you get it!