Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the winner is.....

I know you are all dieing of suspense, and since i can't sleep for visions of that freaking huge project im working on, the deadly patchwork circle skirt, i thought id pick a winner.

before that tho i will vent about this skirt. i know the suspense is killing you. you can handle it.

i do not recommend this project for the faint of heart. or those who occasionally get cramps in their fingers from hours of pinning and sewing, sewing and pinning, not to mention picking out threads because the 55 feet of skirt panel you just tried to gather was sewn wrong. because you don't even know how to gather. and yeah, i said 55 freakin feet long. my car could wear this skirt twice. the math works. but its that crazy sewing math, where its right in your head, looks good on paper too, and doesn't seem to work out when you try to explain it. like when my husband saw i had a strip of fabric that is longer than the house we live in in my sewing room, and didn't think it would all work out, since my sewing math and his real math weren't communicating very well. the picture didn't work either. but once i figured out a good way to gather (extra wide zigzag stitch over yarn) and was pinning and sewing, sewing and pinning, he thinks it might work now. and it better, or i may have to burn it, cause i am not picking out any threads when its done. no way. but i will finish. i want to wear it, it looks pretty.

its really one those things that should come with a big DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!


anyway, i know you want to see who the winner is, its coming, i promise. The winner will need to email me with the name you want on the reservation for the hotel. I will call them and change it, as well as give you the confirmation # and my cell phone number in case of problems day of. ok?

do you want to know the winner?

i picked the super scientific way by putting all the names in the hat, and picking one. except i forgot 2 names, so i added those and picked again. so it was fair. and no i will never tell what i picked first time around, so don't even think about it. it doesn't count unless everyone gets a fair shot at it.

The winner is

Miss Anne!!!!!

you win!!!

and i know you scrolled your way down here first, to see if you won, all of you. go back and read the top...its probably funny. please know i am a sarcastic person, so blame any thing weird on that.

Congratulations MissAnne!

i don't have your email but please email me via my profile


Miss Anne said...

Oh sweet pea!!! This has made my entire day!!!!


I've emailed you!



~*Liz*~ said...

Oh congrats! I guess you will be needing a HUGE thank you card to send to her, won't you MissAnne. :) Have fun!!