Monday, December 29, 2008

Sister Sewing Day

I had so much fun yesterday, we picked out fabric, thay practiced on extra squares from my skirt while everything was being washed, and there were lots "this is so fun," "i think i have a new hobby" and they did really good. It was there first time at a sewing machine for both of them, poor paige had to use the old brother of my moms that i learned to sew on (cause she lives with it and can use it when she gets home too). oh that brought back the memories. that thing is a pain to use, the tensions rarely right, and the top thread like to break no matter what thread you use or tension level, and it screeches the whoole time. it really just needs a nice little trip to the sewing machine doctor, for its first check up in 25 years of use with no oiling or maintenance whatsoever. poor paige. Blythe was using my machine, cause she doesn't have one anyways so she can use my nice one.

Paige made a cute plaid flannel big bag purse, and blythe made the head of her little big planet sackboy, then had to take off. Blythe also had her first ultrasound today at the hospital i work at, and i got to go with her and see her little 1/2 inch bean with a heartbeat, 7 weeks old. So she has lots of time to finish this doll before the baby is here.

I was really lame and took zero pictures, so i will try to get some, either by email or next week when we meet to sew again!!! yay hanging out with my sisters.

In other news, my husband and I are going to Europe this summer with a group called Royal Servants International to be small group leaders for the euroquest team and get a chance to talk with churches and missionaries in Europe and the UK. we will be gone for 10 or 11 weeks, and I'm super excited because I've gone with this group in highschool to china and scotland, so this feels alot like going home for me, and my husband is coming too, yay. We are hoping to see what God has for us, since we know tim is going to end up working for the church, and we really feel like we need to move away from SoCal. All in all, this seems like a step in the right direction.

I am also working on inventory for an etsy store, and i will hopefully have a few things listed in a week or 2, along with links to my store.

happy monday


Miss Anne said...

hi sweet pea!

i think it's so wonderful you are sharing your sewing skills with them!!!

that's what memories are made of!

i wanted to thank you again for the gift of this hotel... we are having such a great time! I'm going to take more pictures and post a blog tomorrow about it!

thinking of you!


Lory said...

Awwww, glad you had a good time with your sisters.

Your upcoming trip sounds like it's going to be amazing. You gotta show phtos of it when the time comes. :):):)


enithhernandez said...

My sister is coming to visit (she lives in Panama) with my niece and I am looking forward to craft with her!

Your trip sounds awesome, take me with you! I hope you take bunch of pics what a great deed! :)