Saturday, December 13, 2008

why yes i do speak a little sewing machine

here's my baby, a brother cs 6000i. My hubby got it for me about 2 years ago for xmas, before we were poor. and yes i had go look and see what it was to tell you. Today i have learned quite a bit more of her language. for instance, if i hear every stitch loudly going into the fabric instead of its normal going fast humming, it means this is going to happen.
that's the bobbin thread. and i left it in and kept on sewing because this is the gathering zigzag, and I'll still be picking it out later, all 55 feet of it. it happens because my top thread jumps off the first spot that holds it when i sew too fast. she doesn't like to go too fast when i'm doing a zigzag. straight stitch is just fine. Anyways, i started noticing the thread jump and fixed it before it made noises, so the rest were more like this if i got too fast. not so bad there, huh.
my darling machine also wants me to delint the bobbin area very thoroughly after each bobbin change, which involves taking off like 3 or 4 pieces to do it right, or she'll start screaming because theres too much lint. she still sews just fine, but yells at me until i clean out the lint. and i seriously thought my machine was dieing the first time this happened. which once also led to me dropping the lint brush down into the machine, being unable to get it out with tweezers, and having to undo a couple little plates on the bottom, which seem to be there so you don't take off the case when you are stupid enough to drop something in. i did have to jiggle it to get it to a place i could catch it from, but i was gentle, i do not have the money to take this girl to the doctors.

This is part of the skirt btw, i have used 4 spools of thread so far, as well as 8 full bobbins, and 4 or 5 partial bobbins i finished off when i was piecing it together. My machine also prefers to have the same exact thread on top and bottom, altho sometimes i get away with different ones if i play with the tension for a while.

i have also learned to always check the tension when i change threads, since i don't want to pick it out of the skirt, i pull out some scraps to make sure all is well.

i am off to gather the last row and pin it to the others, it should take 2 or 3 hours, and i bought a new box of pins since i ran out last row, so i will take a pic so you can see how much pinning is involved. its alot since i was pretty sure i would never need more basic sewing pins. I want to get some of the flowerhead ones, since they're longer and flatter, but i thought i had enough normal ones.

off to pin stuff for a few hours


Lory said...

I have that machine too! I also have the same problems you are having with it. I have to de-lint it becaues it's acting out on me. Ugh, what a nag, but I guess it has to be done.


Miss Anne said...

look at YOU with all your sewing machine talk!

mine bunches when i zigzag too, however, my machine isn't nearly as fancy as yours!

hope you have a great day