Friday, December 5, 2008

frakkin huge skirt

this skirt, when folded, takes up my entire backpak. and its heavy. and bulky. it was a joy to push row 5 thru the sewing machine to attach it to the first 4, and i haven't even cut out the squares for row 6.

there will be 120 6in squares for row 6.

thats 55 feet when its all put together.

55 feet of skirt needing to be hemmed.

which has led me to think of cutting row 6 as 6x7in pieces, so when i hem it i don't lose the length. because its pretty close to the floor, and i want to be pretty close to the floor. if i add the inch, and i fold it back up into the hem, i won't lose length?

comments are appreciated, let me know what you think i should do about the hem. pictures tomorrow. i should have taken some sooner, its quite a process.

bonus points if you know the reference for frakkin


Sarah said...

If you had fewer seams, I'd suggest a shirttail hemmer...

As it is, I would do the extra inch and press the heck out of the hem in sections before you sew so you're not stopping/slowing down to get pins out for 55 feet... Man, you are making me REALLY not look forward to putting satin ribbon on the bottom ruffle of my petticoat.

Miss Anne said...

Just reading your recent entry made me exhausted! 55 feet!?!?!?! yowsa!

I'm impressed!
Can't wait to see pics!

I know NOTHING about sewing,so I'll just cheer you on!

Codi said...

I was definately planning to press the heck out of it, i really don't want to pin any more than i have to. gathering needs pins about every inch, and i need to go buy more because i didn't have enough to add the last row.

isn't that crazy, hundreds of pins and i don't have enough.