Tuesday, December 23, 2008

blogging is addictive

Hi my name is codi, and i am a blogger. it started during the summer, when i set up my sewing room, and started looking for quilting stuff online at work, where i only get google related pages. so most of what i was looking at was blogger pages. which obviously led to me needing to make my own blogger account. while i was at work. I posted about twice, and didn't check it for a month, and got sad cause i had no posts, with so many 100, 300, 500 post give aways happening. so i needed to blog more, especially easy when you are just entering giveaways and posting links, or joining a pay it forward (btw, i still have one more spot on mine, if you can find it).

And so i blogged, which made me want to sew, which led me back to blogging. Most of my posting happens at work, i either upload pics and save it as a draft for later, or just write, like now. And then i joined sewcraftblog, and began to notice people were actually coming to my site, and commenting, and i wasn't blogging in the dark anymore. WOO HOO!!!! and the traffic from having my own fantastic giveaway, plus having it listed on agiveawayaday and sewmamasew was amazing. and addicting. i now want my post to be at the top of my sewcraft blog roll, and i want to have posts with amazing pics (which i am working on, getting to be good with my camera and editing pics). and i love seeing my name on someone's blog, whether you link back to me or i'm on a blog roll. such a confidence booster and ego trip.

sorry guys, but i do love that people that i have never met in person are interested in what i'm saying and making. cause my fam doesn't know about this blog. except for my husband, who thinks i'm funny anyways.

And so we come to the point, if this can be considered the point of it all, what with having nothing to do with the title of this post, that i feel like doing a giveaway for every 50 posts i have on my blog. because i feel like it. and giveaways are fun. That being said, I will announce the prize (be it small or large) before post 50, and post 50(or 51 if i forget:) i will announce the winner.

because i like to blog, and you like to win stuff.


Miss Anne said...

well i enjoy reading your blog, seeing your projects, and learning about you!

i think you're the sweetest lady too and was so lucky to have won your previous giveaway!

(here's hoping the weather allows for travel this weekend!!!!)


Lory said...

I agree with you blogging is super addictive. I started off looking at other sewer's blogs, and thinking "dam, they're good!" and then thinking "Hey, I want to blog too". So here I am. At the very beginning I was too consistent with blogging, but now that I've gotten more into it, I write a lot. And I feel like I have so much to say, I have a bunch of drafts of topics I want to discuss.

It's so cool when you see that someone linked to you. It feels good like "hey, they like my blog" It's a pretty cool feeling. And what's been cool too is that I've become friends with those that I've linked with.

So anyway, keep blogging please, because I'll keep reading. :):):):)

Happy Holidays


Lory said...

Lol, I made a typo in my last entry, I meant inconsistent. It's late I guess, lol.