Thursday, December 18, 2008

a reversible apron for the new mama to be in my life

whipped this up today, first attempt at free handing (by measuring and using rulers of course), the only down side is once i had it on my side fat was showing too much, so the next one will be couple inches wider, and not so pointy on the bottom. maybe tomorrow. i plan on making these for my sisters and mom, and mil. the coolest part tho is that this apron fits into a quart jar, so everyone still gets a gift in a jar this year. so fun.


Miss Anne said...

a) i'm inspired by your sewing skills.

b) that's the cutest apron idea!

c) gift in a jar! i love it! so original!

:) looking fwd to sending you a sweet portland package! :)

Lory said...

What a cute apron!!!! I love it, it's adorable. :):):):)