Sunday, December 14, 2008

just a little update

umm, yeah, so if you read the previous post, you saw that i guesstimated 2 or 3 hours for pinning.

it was more like 6.

and that was just the pinning, it was really closer to 8, but i subtracted the time for dinner, and a little helping my hubby with his homework.

i wanted to die.

its still not a real skirt yet.

i now know how it could take someone 5 months to make this. its really weird and time consuming. its a very straightforward project, but tons of work.

back to work

1 comment:

Miss Anne said...

it's like joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat... except it's cody and the skirtofdeath!


:) i bet it's going to be so worth it and gorgeous! :)